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Mansfield Mothers' Club

Mansfield Mothers Club Benefits

The Mansfield Mothers’ Club is an active
community of parents in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

Money collected from annual dues is used for our club events, special programs and service projects.  As a member, you are welcome to participate in as many activities as you wish.  With the exception of “Moms Night Out / Moms Night In” all activities are held during the day and children are always included.

Officially: “The Mansfield Mothers’ Club is a local non-profit organization aimed at providing support for local parents.” Those needs shift with the families needs and ages of children involved in our club. What remains is a steadfast love of our families and a genuine caring for the folks in our community.

What form does all this support and caring take? Some ways are:

  • Meals for new parents and those going through health crisis or other hardships
  • An active Mansfield Relay For Life team, which supports the American Cancer Society
  • Food and monetary donations to Our Daily Bread, Mansfield’s food pantry
  • Individual fundraisers and donations to services such as Room To Grow
  • Several activities each week geared at different age groups and times of day
  • A vibrant BigTent Group and private Facebook group which shares questions and answers on topics as varied as how best to deal with teething, potty training, recommendations on summer camps, local handymen, area classes, finding activities for families with kids of varying ages, abilities, religions, and allergies. You name it, and we’ve got info and opinions on it!
  • Mothers Nights Out (and In!) each month to help us unwind.

We are always pleased to welcome new members who bring a breath of fresh air to the group. Please stop by – we would love to meet you! Our organization is built on SUPPORT of each other in this great parenting adventure.

Our Board and Staff is here for you!  Board & Staff