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The Mansfield Mothers’ Club has approximately 15 active playgroups. Playgroups are formed with children of similar ages to promote social interaction. We also have sibling groups, which allow mothers of two or more children to join other mothers of two or more children. Most of the children in the weekly playgroups are between the ages of one month and five years. We are open to expanding our scope to include older children.

Once a playgroup is formed, members determine when and where they will meet. Most often, groups rotate among members’ homes. Each playgroup has a “captain” who helps coordinate a meeting schedule for the group and acts as a liaison to other playgroups, Mansfield Mothers’ Club Staff, and the Mansfield Mothers’ Club Executive Board. (Please remember that established playgroups are only open to Mansfield Mothers’ Club Members.)

Monthly Newsletter

Club membership entitles you to an informative monthly newsletter designed to enrich the lives of Mansfield mothers and their children. Each newsletter includes an activity calendar, which invites you to meet other members and their children at outings which are often free. However, some functions may have a nominal fee.

Activity Calendar

Each month there is an activity calendar. The responsibility for producing the calendar each month is rotated among the playgroups. When you sign-up to be part of a playgroup, you are also agreeing to help plan activities for one month. Typically there are one to three weekly activities that members and their children may choose to attend. The club manages a real-time Activity Calendar through the website

MOMS Night Out and MOMS Night In

MOMS Nights are held on two separate nights within a month and are the only activities where MOMS are encouraged to attend without their children. However, if you are nursing, please feel free to bring your little one.

Family Events

Family events are planned throughout the year and are designed for all members of the family. Please feel free to bring any members of your family who would be interested in attending.

Speaker Events

The Mansfield Mothers’ Club sponsors various speaker events throughout the year. Recent topics included healthy habits and preschool information in which area preschool directors spoke exclusively to Mansfield Mothers’ Club members.

Other Newsletter Columns

Our newsletter features many columns of interest. A few of those columns include:

· The “Happy Birthday” column in which member’s children’s birthdays are announced.

· If an expecting mother wishes to share her due date, her name is added to the“Stork Watch” column, which alerts other mothers to her potential need for extra support around her time of delivery.

· The “Baby News” column joyfully announces the arrival of a new child to a member’s family.

Service Projects

Numerous philanthropic service projects are done throughout the year to help individuals in our community. We focus primarily on charitable activities that benefit mothers and children. We often design child-to-child philanthropy projects that give mothers the opportunity to educate their children on the importance of giving. Often these activities are open to participation by any member of the community.

Sunshine Services

The Mansfield Mothers’ Club provides support as requested to fellow members. The most common support includes providing a week of home cooked meals to new moms and their families and meals and other support to families dealing with serious medical struggles.

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