Board and Staff Members

Mansfield Mothers' Club

Executive Board

President: Lindsay Sonis
Oversees all Club business, including the monthly newsletter. Supports the other members of the Executive Board.

Vice President: Annie Schwehm
Solicits ideas for community service projects. Organizes and executes service projects. Supports the other members of the Executive Board.

Membership Director: Carlyn Johnson
Serves as first contact to new members. sends out new-member packets and collects new-member forms. Supports the other members of the Executive Board.

Secretary: Lauren Hollingshead
Maintains the member directory. generates mailing labels and produces and mails the annual Membership Directory . Produces a monthly list of children’s birthdays. Supports the other members of the Executive Board.

Treasurer: Rebecca Foster
Tracks and reports the financial position of the Club. Collects dues. Supports the other members of the Executive Board. Assists with newsletter advertising.


Staff Members:

Sunshine Mom: Allison Daubert
Collects information about babies born to members. Upon request, organizes meal delivery to members who have recently given birth. Maintains the list of Club members who have volunteered to cook. Responsible for mailing congratulations cards to members who have recently given birth, or have other celebrations in their lives. Tracks which members are expecting and their due dates.

Activities Coordinator: Alyssa Woulfe
Coordinates event planning for the Club. Arranges for playgroups to plan calendar events for the newsletter. Researches Around Town events. Responsible for planning annual parties, including choosing the venue, decorations, menu, and entertainment.

Working Moms Coordinator: Libby O’Neill

Coordinates Club-hosted activities for working moms and other members.

Playgroup Coordinator: Laura Johnston
Connects members with playgroups based on age, schedule or other criteria. Serves as the contact person for any playgroup questions.

Special Topics Coordinator: (Open position)
Invites experts to share their knowledge with the club. Coordinates the details of the visit and acts as host/hostess for the event.

Newsletter Coordinator: Lauren Bieke
Responsible for laying out the monthly newsletter, and producing it in a format the can be emailed to the membership. Assists with newsletter advertising.

Website Coordinators: Lauren Bieke and Alyssa Woulfe
Responsible for updating the club’s public website, including advertising.

Advertising Coordinator: (Open position)
Works with companies that advertise in the club newsletter and with the Mansfield Parks and Recreation Department to place club ads in the town calendar.